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The janitor’s closet

Updated: Mar 15

Over the years I’ve built relationships with property managers and facility directors that would often ask me for some of the signs that their current provider has the proper janitorial program. The first thing I would always tell them is to check the janitor’s closet.

  • If the equipment is broken down, dirty, or inoperable then it’s effecting the cleaning of your facility.

  • If the products are unorganized management can’t take an accurate inventory to keep all needed cleaning products at a proper inventory level.

  • Finally if the closet is dirty, the current staff and management team is not taking pride in the work that is provided. It all starts in the closet. Every cleanable square foot should be clean with detail.

The program AccuClean uses is the 5s system. 5S stands for Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This system encourages productivity and a culture of employees that care about the facility and the janitorial services they provide. Any commercial cleaning company can empty your trash. AccuClean provides an accurate-clean.


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