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Aqua ChemPacs Review

Updated: Mar 15

Hello All,

A few weeks ago I had the privilege and the opening in my schedule to attend the ISSA cleaning show conference in Dallas, TX. One of the many great vendors was a company called Aqua Chempacs. As the feature picture shows, the chemical is package in dissolvable concentrated chemical pacs. 

Some of the benefits are:

  • The pacs dissolve completely in water with no cutting tearing or ripping

  • Safe and easy to use · Requires NO PPE!

  • Reduces waste · Precise Portion Control

  • Simplified training · Green Seal approved · Designed for the Environment (DFE)

  • Large reduction in plastic bottles entering our landfills

AccuClean may be one of the first companies in the Atlanta janitorial area to use this dilution control method. Cleaning companies should definitely take a look at this option.


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