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Why use a floor scrubber?

Updated: Mar 15

AccuClean offers services to some of the most high traffic facilities in the Atlanta area. High foot traffic can create wear patterns on rubber, terrazzo, concrete and waxed VCT floors if not properly maintained. Cleaning with traditional methods such as dust mop and mop may not remove all dirt particles to give an optimal clean.  Using a floor scrubber in a commercial building will provide cleaner floors. Below are a few of the benefits of using a floor scrubber.

Efficient Cleaning

Living in an environment that we all are trying to use our natural resources properly, a floor scrubber uses less water than a traditional mop and bucket. By using less water that floor dries quickly. Also, the brush pressure on a scrubber has the power to remove dirt, greasy oils, and dirt that are traditionally very difficult to remove. In particular, a floor scrubber does its magic by spraying water and chemicals on the floor, scrubbing the dirt and grime away, and leaving a perfect shine in its wake.

Easier Cleaning Process

You will find a floor scrubber rather easy to operate as you only have to select the settings that you want. You can either push it from behind or ride it across the area to be cleaned, depending upon whether you have a push floor scrubber or a ride-on one. Either variety reduces the amount of effort that the operator has to exert and enables a larger surface area to be cleaned in a smaller amount of time.

A floor scrubber could be the perfect solution for your business. Contact AccuClean to learn more about how we can implement the perfect system in your facility. Click the link below!

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