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Tips on VCT Tile Floor Care

This weekend AccuClean had the pleasure of offering VCT Tile Floor Care to YWCA Atlanta. After research, this facility is one of the best early learning academies in Atlanta. There’s no secret why they sought after the best in floor care! The facility manager asked for us to clean and refinish the VCT tile. Every classroom needed a different technique to accomplish the overall goal of cleanliness. So I would like to offer the following tips on pads used on slow speed buffers (175 RPM) for VCT Floor Care.

WHITE PAD- Used for polishing and cleaning highly polished floors. This pad is very soft and will polish the floor to give a high luster.

RED PAD- Used for quick cleans and removes scuff marks and enhances floor appearance. This pad has conformable fibers that provide maximum pad-to-floor contact. When you used to scrub it removes a light amount of soil.

BLUE PAD-  Used for heavy duty scrubbing. This pad will remove 1-2 coats of floor finish giving the floor a consistent dull surface. Then most contractors apply another 1-2 coats of floor finish giving the floor a better appearance.

GREEN PAD- Used for heavy duty scrubbing to remove soils that are embedded in the floor finish. Then apply another 1-2 coats of floor finish giving the floor a better appearance.

BLACK PAD- Used for removing floor finish from VCT floors when used with stripper. Then apply 3-5 coats of floor finish.

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