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Tips for Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Updated: Mar 15

When you manage a business or commercial property, a crucial part of your success hinges on the cleanliness of your premises. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness helps to improve worker productivity by getting rid of clutter, makes the premises attractive to customers, and minimizes the risk of injuries. But what goes into keeping a commercial building clean?

Even though cleaning is a peripheral activity in the business premises, cleaning is like any other work that goes on in the building. There are tasks to be done every hour of the business day. You should sweep the floors, wipe the windows every morning, dust the desks, and empty the dustbins from time to time all through the day.

To keep a grip on these tasks, businesses and commercial building operators need commercial cleaning services. But due to the impact of cleaning on business success, the cleaner must be highly competent. Businesses need a guided process for hiring a cleaning company to make sure the cleaner they hire is up to the task of keeping their premises clean.

Haas Properties shares the steps you should take when looking for a commercial cleaner. These steps may be as necessary as the steps you take when hiring your core workers.

1. Assess your cleaning needs

The cleaning needs of each business or commercial building will be different. Assessing your cleaning needs will help you determine the standard and extent of cleaning you need. That will influence the kind of company you hire and how much you should expect to pay for the service. There are three areas to consider when assessing your business’ cleaning needs:

The standard of cleaning: A restaurant or medical center will need more cleaning than a retail store, but the standard of cleaning for each one will be completely different. The standard of cleaning refers to the level of thoroughness that is required.

The amount of space to be cleaned: Your cleaning needs will also be different if you are cleaning the whole building versus someone who is cleaning only part of their premises.

The cleaning schedule: Even if you are only cleaning a small space, you may pay more than someone who is cleaning a large area. That is because the cleaning schedule also plays a part in how much you will spend.

2. Finding competent commercial cleaners

What is the best way to find reputable commercial cleaners? Start by asking friends, family and neighbors. You can trust a company recommended by someone you know above the one you found on the internet. If asking family and friends doesn’t work, the next best way is to ask the local chapter of a recognized cleaning association to recommend some of their members. The final option is to search the internet for reputable commercial cleaners in your location. Use the company’s reviews, testimonials and rankings as your guide.

3. Screen the company

The next step is to check and verify all information about the companies you have found. Evaluate them in the following areas:

Licensing, insurance and memberships: Consider only licensed commercial cleaners because such a company subscribes to a set of professional standards. And since it has a reputation to protect, the company will strive to do the best work possible. In addition to being licensed, it should have adequate liability insurance. It ensures that your business is not responsible if the company’s employees are injured while cleaning your premises. Thirdly, a reputable company should be a member of a recognized cleaning organization.

Professionalism: In addition to being licensed and insured, the company must have trained workers. Even if a company is licensed, it cannot deliver top-notch cleaning if the staffs are incompetent. In addition to having skilled workers, the quality of its processes matters. Hygiene and safety are critical aspects of cleaning. Does the company have enough know-how to keep a hospital or school restrooms clean? If it does, it should also be able to meet your business’ standards.

History and experience: A commercial cleaner’s licenses should not be a substitute for their experience. The company must have a record of providing satisfactory service in your area; if the company is unreliable, it would have left the area or folded. Secondly, it must have experience with cleaning the type of building or business you want to clean. Part of the process of verifying the cleaners’ experience involves asking for references to past clients and contacting those businesses to verify the information you have.

4. Hire the most affordable cleaner

Finally, ask all qualified companies on your list to send you a quote and choose the company with the most affordable rates. Each company should be able to provide you with a free quote. Do not hire a cleaner if they do not offer free quotes. Contact AccuClean today to setup your no obligation proposal.


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