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Student of Cleaning

Updated: Mar 15

Many have laughed at the thought that someone can be educated at the different ways of cleaning commercial facilities. As the world turns, new viruses emerge every year and it’s the responsibility of the cleaning provider to find solutions for a healthier workplace. In an attempt to provide the best services possible, I regularly attend seminars and workshops in Atlanta on improved and innovative cleaning processes. Although I must admit, most of the proposed processes that are introduced as being the “new wave of cleaning,” are usually difficult, costly, or ineffective. After being educated on the latest in my industry. I am tasked to use my experience on what works. At AccuClean we believe all facilities have a unique personality. High and low traffic cleaning areas, location of the building, and hours of operation are a few small factors that create a make up of the temperament of a facility. So as the cleaning industry evolves, I have become a student of cleaning to ensure I am offering the best commercial janitorial service possible to my clients.


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