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Step by step guide to hiring the best janitor

Updated: Mar 15

There are several things to factor in hiring the best janitor possible. The ultimate goal is to use the process of elimination until the job candidate begins to show you why they deserve to be employed at your business. As a contractor in we strive to be the best in Atlanta janitorial services. Below is a step by step guide in determining if the applicant is a good fit for your company.


The appearance of the job candidate is very important. Many of the employees hired will be visible to your clients and will become the face of your business. You can gauge appearance at the interview. There’s an unwritten standard at minimum that someone seeking a job should at least come business casual to an interview. Take time to notice if the applicant has shaved, are they wearing a belt, do they have good personal hygiene, are their clothes wrinkled or pressed, and if their clothes are cleaned.

Background check

Running an employee background check serves two purposes. First you get a chance to see the character of the applicant. For example, if there’s repeat offenses on drug related charges the employee may have a substance abuse problem. Which makes them a less desirable candidate. The second purpose is to ensure you are protecting your client from possible non law abiding citizens. Whether that be an employee stealing, fighting, or committing other crimes while on customer property.

Drug test

The industry standard is a 5 panel urine drug test. This drug test can detect the most commonly used street drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, heroin, and PCP. There are many businesses that will conduct the urine test for you. Simply reach out to them and setup an account.

Educational level

Education levels pay a role in hiring the best candidate because of literacy and basic math skills. Potential employees must have the ability to read instructions and warning labels with comprehension. Also, properly measure chemicals, tally payroll, and maintenance equipment when needed.

Work Experience

Work experience brings an understanding of the work environment. It’s a plus to have an employee that has a general idea of the work required. Now they just have to learn your company’s approach to completing the job.

Job History Gaps

Beware of gaps in a job applicants work experience. If you see a sizable gap of unemployment ask why they were not working at that time. It sometimes reveals if that applicant is inconsistent with work performance, incarcerated a time period, a dependent, or keeping a job is not a priority to them.


Employee availability is very important and can be an asset to any manager. Just being flexible to work different schedules allows managers the opportunity to better service the client at different times and meet deadlines.

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