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School Cleaning Process

Updated: Mar 15

AccuClean focuses on 3 major components for an effective school cleaning in Atlanta.

Educational courses on how germs and diseases are spread.

Germ and Dirt Removal processQuality

Education + Process= Quality School Cleaning

EDUCATION Educating our employees on the spread of germs and viruses allows our team to be able to access all situations with the best hygienic outcome possible. While our focus is appearance, the primary objective is a healthy facility.

REMOVAL AccuClean’s approach to cleaning the facility begins with the objective of removing all dirt, germs, and bacteria from your facility daily. The five-step process is trash removal, disinfect, vacuum, sanitizing mopping, and floor care:

TRASH REMOVAL The first step of the removal process is to empty trash cans and replace can liners. When the trash has been removed, the can is disinfected inside and out. Then a new liner is placed in the can.

DISINFECT The second step of the removal process is to disinfect. Our team uses a disinfectant cleaner to spray, allow the chemical a proper dwell time, and then wipe the surface clean with a disposable wipe. Including in this process are the touch points listed below:


  • counter tops

  • sinks and faucet handles

  • light switches

  • dispensers

  • bathroom handles

  • toilet seats & splash walls

  • telephones

  • desk and keyboards

  • door handles

  • glass/mirrors

  • window seals

VACUUM The third step to the removal process is the vacuum. AccuClean uses Pro Team backpack vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters that easily glide over all surfaces to suck up left behind dirt and debris. This approach is proven to save on time and get to hard to reach areas effectively.

SANITIZING MOP The fourth step to the removal process is to mop the floor with a sanitizing solution. During this process, any left over soils or spills will be removed. AccuClean uses dual mop buckets to reduce cross contamination. One side of the mop bucket is clean water and one side of the bucket is the collected dirty water.

FLOOR CARE The fifth step to the removal process is to complete floor care. Which separates a cleaning company from a mop & pop business. Every day the floor technician will receive assignments to buff or scrub hard floor surfaces or extract carpet. Every facility has its own personality. It is up to AccuClean management to identify high traffic areas to service while using the scope of work as only a minimum guide.

QUALITY As the janitorial team goes through the facility together from room to room completing the removal process. A supervisor is responsible for checking the quality of the work that is being completed. At AccuClean, we believe that educating our employees on effective cleaning, and outlining a process that removes germs, will produce quality with inspection. Just this simple equation has improved our team to a leader in providing janitorial services in Atlanta.

Education + Process= Quality


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