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Mat Placement Guide for your Facility

Updated: Mar 15

An important tool that can be used to help keep your facility cleaner and maintained would be the use of mats. Some of the most common mats used and offered in janitorial cleaning are entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, slip resistant mats, and interior mats.

When entering a facility mats can stop traffic dirt and moisture from entering by scraping the debris off your shoes. 70%-80% of dust, dirt and grime in a building is tracked in from outside. With foot traffic as low as 150 people entering, a facility can still track in one pound of dirt in a 5-day work week – costing over $30,000 annually to remove. Mats also improve indoor air quality and protect your facility and protect the bottom line…employees. Mats are also useful in high traffic wear areas for spill control and other internal track off areas. Recently AccuClean implemented the mat system from the Andersen Company and our customers in the Atlanta area saw instant results with the upkeep of the building. Give this innovative tool a shot in your facility.


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