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Janitorial Cleaning With Detail

Updated: Mar 15

I was recently watching a popular television show and the announcer mentioned something that stuck with me. He said “It’s all in the details”. This is an old but extremely effective adage especially in the Atlanta commercial janitorial service industry.

AccuClean knows what it means to not only clean but to detail clean a medical facility. Patients expect it and demand it. A thorough medical cleaning for a medical facility serves two purposes. The first is aesthetic, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that helps patient feel at ease. The second, is the correct sanitation and disinfection. This is the key to not only protecting your patients but also your staff.

The cleanliness of your medical facility is critical to maintaining a healthy practice. You need an experienced cleaning crew that knows how to use the appropriate cleaners and disinfectants to prevent exposure that could cause adverse patient outcomes.

When AccuClean cleans your medical facility you can rest assured that your facility will be taken care of by one the cleaning company in Georgia. A team of people that know and understand OSHA and HIPAA regulations.

Interested in having AccuClean take care of your medical facility? Request a quote today!!


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