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How to Clean Tile & Grout

Updated: Mar 15

Just recently this month AccuClean decided we would like to improve our ability to maintain tile and grout floors. Our janitorial service has maintained floors many different ways but we are always looking to improve on the design. Many newly constructed facilities are moving away from installing floors that have to be stripped and waxed and present higher risk of slip and fall accidents. Tile and grout and polish concrete floors seem to be the preferred flooring for the future. US Products King Cobra 1200 gets the job done! I’ve never seen a machine so versatile and effective. The surface cleaner allows for the pressure to remain under the dome for a thorough cleaning . Along the edges of the surface cleaner are slits for a vacuum. So while the machine is pressure washing the tile and grout at 1200 psi it’s vacuuming the dirty water up before it settles back into the cleaned grout. The same machine also has option to add a carpet extraction wand to it and pressure wash at 500 degrees heat. So many hard to remove stains have been pulled out of the facilities we service in Atlanta because the King Cobra 1200. The option to connect a water refill hose to quickly replenish the clean water tank is brilliant. On top of that you can also connect a hose at the rear of the machine that allows the dirty water to flow to a drain. Making this machine ideal in the use of cleaning large carpet or tile and grout areas.

The chemical AccuClean uses is for tile and grout is called Grout Devil. This product is an alkaline, water-based cleaner specially formulated to dissolve layer after layer of soil and grease buildup, leaving grout lines clean and bright. If you perform hard surface cleaning jobs, this is one product you shouldn’t be without. Not only does Grout Devil make fast work of dingy, dirty grout, it’s also a highly effective all-around tile and hard surface cleaner. Try it on dirty floors with caked-on soil or grease. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the most stubborn dirt and soils will disappear. Grout Devil’s uses don’t end there. It can also be used as a powerful pre-treatment additive that boosts the results of other cleaning agents. Simply add 8 oz to any ready-to-use cleaning solution and clean as usual. The results will blow you away!

If grout cleaning has not being performed in some time it may take multiple treatments to get the desired results. Some janitorial services only top scrub tile but leave the grout uniformly black. Because it’s the same color, an untrained eye may view it as actually being cleaned. For high traffic areas I would recommend using the method below quarterly. For less traveled and low usage tile and grout areas I would recommend servicing the area annually. Cleaning these areas correctly can give an area just as much recognition as a floor with 5 coats of wax on it.

How to Clean Tile and Grout Floors with the US Products Cobra 1200

Place wet floor signs in the service area.

Dust mop and sweep the service area floor.

Pretreat the floor using a pump tank with a tile and grout cleaner. We currently use Grout Devil manufactured by Matrix and sold at Jon Don.

Allow cleaning chemical 5 minutes dwell time

Use a grout brush and detail scrub the edges. The machine will not be able to service the corners and edges effectively.

Move service cleaner in a slow motion over floor for a deep cleaning

Please view the attached video for a demonstration on how our cleaning company completed this HOW TO.


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