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Diversifying Services Offered in Pandemic

Updated: Mar 15

Covid 19 came through our service areas like a hurricane. Everything abruptly stopped and the communication from our clients was similar to wet concrete…a directive is being delivered now but it may change soon. AccuClean knew this was going to be an opportunity to rebrand and come up with a new strategy during this time period. We took a hard look at operations, the finances, and the development of our employees.


There are so many things a building needs to appear properly maintain. At the time before the pandemic AccuClean was only offering day porter services, nightly cleaning, and floor care. Since then we have added pressure washing, light maintenance, and landscaping to what we offer. Become a one stop shop for many of the needs our property managers and facility directors would need. We just received a client testimonial with good reviews of our added services. It was explained that most people use Wal-Mart because it saves time and money going to one place to get multiple things.


The pandemic has allowed us as a cleaning company to look at unnecessary spending and generate new forms of revenue streams. This has helped us to reach new revenue goals. We were able to cut back budgets and eliminate luxuries that won’t effect our performance and purchase necessities only. We also focused on providing new services to our current clients.

Employee Development

Internally our office was reassigned different duties to maximize positions and efficiency. Some tasks that were assigned to the administrative assistant were probably a better fit for vice president of marketing or operations. We also changed one of our conference rooms to a training room. This allowed the space to train new employees. Traditional cleaning methods in some areas of office cleaning were no longer going to be acceptable. AccuClean invested 400 hours of retraining our employees on the standard of properly cleaning and disinfecting per ISSA. When the pandemic does make a turn for the better our company will be ready for it.


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