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Disposable disinfectant wipes vs. Microfiber cloths

Updated: Mar 15

As service providers, we are constantly tasked with making decisions that are best for the facilities we are contracted to clean. A common dispute in the janitorial industry is whether to use disposable disinfectant wipes vs. microfiber cloths. Each have their pros and cons but AccuClean has decided to use disposable disinfectant wipes. The first reason is pictured below:

AccuClean’s second reason for using disposable disinfectant wipes is to decrease the risk of cross contamination. By disinfecting an area and disposing the cloth after use, I’m ensuring an area is not cross contaminated. Also, when microfiber cloths are washed with a washer machine there is still a risk of pathogen transmission due to improper laundering methods.

AccuClean’s third and final reason for using disposable disinfectant wipes is for environmental reasons. Through the square footage our company services daily, we can make a positive environmental impact by operating smart. Some of the facilities we service are not equipped with a laundry station. Which means we must transport dirty microfiber cloths contributing to pollution in the environment. Also, using a microfiber takes a significant amount of water mixed with the chemical used to clean. When using the disposable cloth, it’s help in the battle to reduce water use globally.

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