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Day Porter Service

Updated: Mar 15

  • Lobby maintenance

  • Cleaning common areas like kitchens and cafeterias

  • Servicing and monitoring the restrooms

  • Removing trash and debris in parking lot

  • Event set ups

  • On call for facility emergencies

Day porters was a position created to maintain the image of a facility to ensure it’s a place that employees that work in the facility and customers would want to frequent. Before the creation of this position facilities were often very dirty at the end of the day. A janitorial company must create a scope of work that fits the personality of a facility. Commercial cleaning, when done successfully, can enhance the image of business which can make a business more profitable. Many Atlanta janitorial services now offer this service including AccuClean. Qualities of a Day Porter

Below are a few of the important qualities a day porter must possess:

  • Helpful

  • Positive attitude

  • Professional dress

  • Trustworthy

  • Dependable/Good attendance

  • To hire a great day porter service visit


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