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Clean Water Mop System

Updated: Mar 15

AccuClean is constantly reviewing innovated ways to ensure the facilities we service are free from cross contamination. Being a leader in the atlanta janitorial service industry, we often research ways to improve our cleaning process. Recently a well-respected manufacturer in the janitorial industry introduced a game changer. The OmniClean from Unger. With this new groundbreaking innovation in floor cleaning, you can truly clean your floors with a mop and bucket. The traditional mop and bucket wringer combo is designed to flush the mop of contaminants and wring out the dirt in the water. But you always have to expose the mop to more dirty water. Even if you are changing the water every 5000 square feet it’s still a challenge. With the Unger Omni Clean you have two separate compartments for dirty water and clean water. Currently it’s the only flat mop option that comes with ringer that you can squeeze the dirty water off the flat mop.

This innovation allows cleaners to cut down on transferring germs from surface to surface. Also, it saves time that janitors use emptying and refilling mop buckets for a better clean. Productivity in cleaning is important in regard to ensuring cost are efficient. As building occupancy dwindles due to the pandemic as a janitorial service provider, we must exhaust all options in regard to providing the best cleaning practices possible.

The cleaning approach in using the Unger OmniClean is very simple. First fill your chemical bucket with the appropriate amount of floor cleaner. Most floor cleaners suggest 2-3 ounces of cleaning solution to a gallon of water. Place the flat mop in the solution bucket, tightly ring off the access water and mop the hard floor surface. After servicing 500-1000 square feet, repeat the process. The dual bucket technology that separates the clean and dirty water ensures the water is clean. The scrub board removes debris that’s commonly on the floor like grass, paper clippings, and dust from the mop pad. Which isolates the dirty water in the bucket.

The mop pad is made of durable 100% polyester microfiber. Which means that you can wash them in a heated washer machine cycle at minimum 300 times. It’s important to allow the microfiber mops to air dry. Putting them in a heated dryer will damage the strands and reduce the amount of times you can use it before you have to replace it. Placing them Color coding can also be important. AccuClean currently uses blue microfiber mops for common areas, hallways, lobbies and stairwells. Green microfiber mops used for restroom and locker room areas. Red microfiber mops are used for kitchen and food prep areas. White microfiber mops are used for gymnasium and aerobic room wood floors. Since the mop is 16 inches, it gives you the ability to clean in only a few passes to mop the entire room. Depending on how large the floor is you are servicing.

The investment to purchase this from Unger is minimal in comparison from the traditional bucket and mop combo. Any customer I’ve asked to make this investment approved instantly thanking our team for researching a better method during this pandemic. AccuClean figures with the square footage that we service, we can make an instant impact in germ and virus removal for clients and visitors of their facilities.


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