• Brian Williams

AccuClean in the Pandemic

Corona virus hit the people of the world and as quickly as a snap of the fingers everything in our lives as we live changed. Not one person is exempt from catching it if they come in contact with the deadly virus. Then the signs started springing up advising the world that we as a whole are in this together and letting one another know that we are with each other. Recommending we shelter in place and only visit essential businesses. It worked for a while, despite the terrible tragedies and difficult challenges that have been brought upon us by COVID-19, eventually your office will have to open back up and when it does, AccuClean's here to help.

AccuClean is an essential commercial janitorial service that believes your business is essential. AccuClean can help with all your COVID-19 cleaning needs to keep your business and its employees environment clean, safe and as germ free as possible. Your office is in dire need of a good janitorial service more now than ever. Things you should know when hiring a good janitor for your commercial cleaning needs. Do your research and seek a janitorial company that has trained staff that are able to maintain a clean and orderly environment and one that practices safe work habits to project and ensure the safety and health of others. Your company should look for a reputable cleaning company that has a proven track record of not only the ability to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, but one that also trains their employees to follow company policies and procedures, maintain confidentiality and uphold quality standards to your business.

With forty five years of experience in the janitorial industry, AccuClean has instilled the knowledge through a rigorous training curriculum of providing quality professionalism and detailed cleaning. AccuClean takes your success seriously and it shows through their number one ranking for value, satisfaction, responsiveness and overall performances. For AccuClean it makes sense to be in a business that gives your business additional support and the ability to bring professionalism to an industry where it is lacking.

AccuClean insists on continuous training for their cleaning experts. They know that the job of a janitor is done for the purpose of maintaining an attractive, sanitary, safe facility for your staff and the general public.

The detailed cleaners are trained to clean all areas of buildings including floors, windows, furniture, and the disinfecting of restrooms, walls, and stairways railings, along with the removal of all trash and AccuClean believes in recycling. The expert janitors will never overlook small, but easy to miss, but so commonly common spots like light switches and door handles or door knobs. The expert janitors dust overhead air vents daily to prevent and/or remove as many dust bugs, pollens, and pollutions from floating in the air that could be hazardous to your lungs over an exposed period of time.

The Atlanta janitorial service has knowledgeable experts that follow all safety procedures. The trained cleaning experts perform a combination of duties to maintain order, disinfection, and overall cleanliness. These services are offered to medical facilities, education facilities, and office buildings and more. AccuClean follows all safety precautions such as supplying employees with the proper personal protective equipment. AccuClean created a program for its staff for additional COVID-19 disinfectant cleaning training.

Live clean, think clean with AccuClean, the premier commercial janitorial service in Atlanta.

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