Post Construction Cleanup

Contractors can be hard on new construction and renovating projects. Typically a certificate of occupancy is not the final check on a punch list. Post construction cleanup is needed prior to tenant or owner move-in. Often the dirt and dust find their way onto newly painted or installed surfaces. Paint splatters to sticker removal are all part of the cleanup process.

AccuClean has a team that specializes in working with contractors. They understand the challenges and level of detail needed when working with new surfaces. We can handle residential or commercial cleanup providing:
  • Washing all surfaces and walls
  • High dust removal from ceiling pipes, ductwork, vents, light fixtures, etc.
  • Stain removal, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces
  • Cleaning of the insides of desks and file cabinets.
  • Full kitchens and bathrooms sanitizing
  • Scrub floors and tiles for excess glues and grout
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Floor cleaning, waxing and buffing
  • Cleaning window sills and window frames
  • Window cleaning including scraping and sticker removal


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